Sandhamn, or Sandön, which is the island’s proper name, was named after the sand dunes that run across it. Because of this, the island offers bare rocks that are typical of the outer archipelago as well as long, white sand beaches. People have travelled here since ancient times and, still today, Sandhamn is one of the archipelago's most popular year-round travel destinations. The harbour has cafés, restaurants, shops and a hotel. Sandhamns Värdshus, a restaurant and inn which opened its doors in 1672, is a classic. Here you can still enjoy lazy days in the sun or snuggle up by a cozy fire when the cold winter settles in. However, the best way to discover Sandhamn is by foot. There's a good network of walking paths all over the island. They take you out to the open sea and beaches, of which Trouville is a favourite for many. Here you'll also have the opportunity to visit the settings that Viveca Sten writes about in her fictional Sandhamn Murder series. Sandhamn also offers many island adventures. Rent a kayak and discover the small islands where sea and sky meet in the outer archipelago, or try any of the other activities. In summer, the island is often buzzing with visitors. The pace is slower in the fall and winter, when the only sounds breaking the silence are the whistling wind and waves crashing against the rocks and docks. For many people, this is the best time to be in Sandhamn and is, so far, a well-kept secret. Take a chance and experience Sandhamn, year round!


You can get to Sandhamn by boat only. Waxholmbolaget's boats depart daily, year round, from Stavsnäs on Värmdö. The boat trip takes approximately 1 hour. Between Christmas and Easter, Roslagen's Sjötrafik offers regular boat transport from Stavsnäs with the Tärnan boat. Tärnan doesn’t stop along the way and the entire trip takes just 30 minutes. To get to Stavsnäs, take bus 433 or 434 from Slussen in Stockholm. Get off at Stavsnäs Vinterhamn. Approximate travel time: 55 mins. If you have your own car, take road 222 from Stockholm toward Gustavsberg and follow the signs toward Stavsnäs and Stavsnäs Vinterhamn. In summer, you can also take a boat directly from Stockholm centre. Take one of the Cinderella boats from Strandvägen (look for signs for Cinderalla). Approximate travel time: 2 hrs and 10 mins.